We cook for Refugees

We have a vision: Independent from asylum status and official registry, we want to provide people with good food.
We bring in our gastronomic experience as we want to give people who have suffered from war and fleeing a portion
of warm food and a small moment of feeling home.

At the boarder of Slovenia – Spielfeld – we cook around 10.000 portions warm food within 24h.
We are working with 15 volunteers in shifts of 6h,12h or 24h. Around 4t of raw food is cook per 24h to supply people
who come over the boarder with freshly cook food. Mainly we cook rice and lentils, beans and vegetables. All pure veg.

In Traiskirchen we have a 600 m2 area in the main refugee processing centre Traiskirchen (20 km south of Vienna),
including a kitchen and seating, where we cook and provide fresh food. We also supervise a central receiving office for food donations.

We thank all helpers and financial aiders!

Our secret recipe!
Our ingredients are really simple: We cook exclusively with rice and lentils!

We prefer the red lentils as they don’t have to be soaked in water beforehand. To roast we use vegetable oil.
Essential elements in our kitchens are spices, especially fresh ginger, turmeric, cumin and fenugreek.
These spices make the food taste native for refugees. On top of that they have anti-inflammatory and constitutional effects.

In Traiskirchen we shape the day together with the refugees at the food booths. Everybody who wants and is allowed to should help in the kitchen.
We don’t cook with our guests, rather we cook together with them. We get closer to each other, we unite and so we learn about the social structures.
When providing food we pay attention that women, children and the weak receive their meals first.


  • Emrik Hundal (En): Head Chef
  • Sabine Winkler (En): Project Management
  • David Kreisl: Coordination
  • Danae Carcabassi (En/Grc): Coordination Assistance
  • Brigitte Gartler: Organisation/Logistic (Styria)
  • Stefan Schartlmüller: Organisation/ Local Management
  • Steve Ehrenberger (En): Backoffice



Without the generous help of many the idea of TWO could have never been implemented. Thank you to all of you who helped!

Donations Account

Name: Verein TWO
Account Number: 01000-026227
IBAN: AT06 2020 5010 0002 6227

Phone: +43/(0)664/65 64 3 69